What to Look for When Choosing Motorcycle Tyres

When choosing the correct set of motorcycle tyres the purchaser must consider a number of different types of tyres for everyday riding needs. There are six main types of tyres available for motorbikes and motorcycles, each with a different function and a unique set of benefits and advantages.

The two types of motorbike tyres that are most commonly utilised by street riders are Sport Touring and Sport Street tyres. Sport Street tyres are ideal for street riding that is characterised by lots of cornering and turning, while Sport Touring tyres are an ideal fit for riders who do more of their riding on long straightaways, and do not participate in a lot of hard turning and cornering.

In cooler climates, including those found more commonly in southern, inland and high altitude areas, Touring tyres may be the best choice for riders. Touring tyres work better at lower temperatures and generally do have a longer life span, but grip is compromised as a result. More grip is achieved at cooler temperatures, as Touring tyres are again constructed to deal with cooler road temperatures.

Going the Extra Mile for Style

For racers who like to flaunt their motorcycle at the track, Slick tyres are the premium choice. There is a certain degree of triangulation in Slick tyres, which cuts back on the tyre’s lifespan. However, there is less contact with the centre of tire to the track, which is optimal for long straightaways commonly found on most drag strips.

Sport and Performance tyres are usually not legal on the streets, but offer a perfect balance between durability and grip, which helps for better cornering and acceleration coming out of a sharp turn. The grip on Sport and Performance tyres is better than any other type of tyre, but due to this increased grip, the tyre’s life span is compromised greatly. Most Sport and Performance tyres do not last much more than 1,500 kilometers, which can make them a pricey investment for riders.

Finally, Off-Road tyres are made for optimum grip on dirt, sand, mud, and other non-pavement surfaces. Because of this, it is not recommended that riders with Off-Road tyres ride their motorcycle on the street, as the performance will be greatly compromised and can result in a major safety hazard for the rider and other motorists and cyclists.

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Getting The Right Motorcycle Gear

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and thrilling experience, but it is one that should be done in a safe and responsible manner. Many people suffer serious injury and die every year from reckless driving on motorcycles which can easily be prevented by following the rules of the road. Another way to ensure your safety is to properly equip yourself with the right motorcycle gear that can protect your body in the event of an accident. Here are some tips on what essential pieces of motorcycle gear you should consider before you drive:

Know your environment

In what conditions are you driving your motorcycle? Are you going to be competitively racing your bike or traveling long distances? Are you going to be driving in area that is known for either extreme heat or wetness?

You need to consider questions like this when deciding on which tyres you are going to buy for your bike.

There are a number of specialty tyres available depending on the mileage you put on your motorcycle, as well as the weather conditions that you will be riding in on a regular basis. So do your research and make the right choice!

Protect yourself

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is not only common sense; it is also the law! So find yourself a helmet that meets all the safety requirements and is a comfortable fit. Helmets can easily be customised to meet your liking, as some riders like helmets with larger visors and more ventilation holes. It might cost you a little bit more to find a helmet that meets all your needs and fits you properly, but, after all, the helmet is protecting your life.

You should also look into other protective motorcycle gear like jackets, race suits, gloves, and boots. Equipment like this isn’t mandatory, and depending on the environment you live in, it might not be entirely necessary. But it certainly is better to play it safe. The last piece of gear to consider is a camera that be strapped either to your body, helmet, or bike. This is largely to protect you in case of an accident and you have to provide evidence that the accident was or was not your fault. And with the rising number of people trying to commit insurance fraud today, having a camera can provide you significant legal protection.

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Bring Out the Daredevil in You With Stylish Motorcycle Clothing

One of the hottest trends currently sweeping the Australian roadways is motorcycle riding. An American classic, motorcycle culture has been picking up steam here in Australia, largely in part of the influence of the popular television series Sons of Anarchy. For those brave enough to try, riding a motorcycle is a thrill unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Whether you enjoy racing motorbikes, or you are a commuter aiming to weave in and out of traffic, all bikers place themselves at risk by battling the elements as they ride. While riding a motorcycle is exciting, it can also be risky. Riders should make sure they are protected with quality motorcycle gear and clothing.

Investing in good motorcycle clothing is critical for your riding performance. It is important your clothes protect your body, keeping it insulated in all weather conditions, but it is also important that you look good while riding. Important items to consider include:

  • Jackets - If you are zooming down the highway at 130 kph, you want to ensure that your frame is protected with a quality jacket. Motorcycle jackets these days come in a variety of fabrics and styles, including leather, mesh, and even full body race suits.

  • Pants - Quality pants are both stylish and good for protecting your legs from the hot motorcycle pipes. Jeans are always in style, but other great ideas for pants include cargo, leather, and form-fitting shell pants for racing.

  • Boots - A staple in motorcycle clothing, no riding outfit is complete without boots. Motorcycle boots come in a variety of colours and styles, including both ankle boots and long boots.

  • Gloves - Riding can be tough on your hands, which is why it is important to finish off your wardrobe of motorcycle clothing with a good pair of gloves. Motorcycle gloves too come in a variety of styles, including leather, mesh, carbon cover, and even fingerless.

  • Ladies - Who says riding is just for men? Ladies have a variety of accessories and motorcycle clothing to choose from, so they can look just as great as the mates.

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Make Your Motorcycle Yours: Accessories And More!

You chose your motorcycle for a reason: its color, its style, its model. Why not make it as unique as you are and turn it into a real expression of your tastes and ideas with a huge variety of motorcycle accessories? They are a great way to customise your motorcycle, and better yet, you can use them to add all sorts of functionalities and features to your bike. You can also use accessories to enhance your personal safety whilst riding your motorcycle, while not compromising your aesthetic but in fact, enhancing it.

The most important function of motorbike accessories, of course, is safety. Protect yourself and other riders with an enormous variety of helmets, jackets, gloves, and even protective armour for the chest, arms, and torso! It’s important to look well as well as to be safe, and by carefully choosing or even customizing your helmet, you can further your aesthetic, creating a cohesive look with your motorcycle, or even a contrasting one.

Clothing For Men and Women

Everything comes in both men and women’s sizes, so gents and ladies alike can ride in safety and style. There is no reason not to spring for safety equipment, the most important sort of motorcycle accessories available. Plus, all of the wearable safety accessories, clothes and helmets and more, are available in children’s sizes, so if you’re taking your kid for a ride, they can be just as safe as you!

Once your body is covered up and looking just as good as your motorcycle, what else can you add to your bike? As it turns out, there is plenty, no matter what make or model. Add gear bags to your bike to carry all your essentials, turning your motorcycle into a more practical option for travel.

Customise Your Ride!

If you have a dirt bike, you can replace your bars with better ones or add grips to your existing ones, making them more useful and comfortable. If you really want to go all-out, you can even replace your exhaust, easily optimising your motorcycle’s performance!

Don’t forget to add a mobile camera to record all of your adventures! Digital video recorders can be attached to your motorcycle or to your helmet, and rugged, versatile models can record your daring deeds and adventures in all kinds of environments and terrains.

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Finding the Best Motorcycle Parts in Australia

Motorcycle owners often need to upgrade or replace what is already there. No one wants to wait longer than necessary. You’ll want to find a place that carries the best motorcycle parts available anywhere in Brisbane or on the internet.

For motorbike owners who are passionate about their rides and cannot resist modifying their bikes in some fashion, this is easier said than done. We know an owner may want to tinker by personalizing the bike by increasing its power, reducing its weight, or making it more comfortable for use. People do not come just to replace worn out or broken items. A lot of owners like to work on their bikes on their own. If you are like them, you prefer to try custom work at home. You know the changes you want to make and what items are needed to accomplish your goals.

Look For Flexible Pricing

You will want to be able to compare prices before choosing what changes you want done. You also will not want to have to wait while orders are filled by some other third party. A reliable motorcycle parts shop that has steady business will usually have motorcycle parts ready for shipment on demand. Often enough, your order can be shipped directly to your favourite mechanic, if you prefer, or to your own home. Many places will ship each order as promptly as possible, often on the same day an order is received.

To prevent buyers’ remorse, a customer needs to know the correct part number and be sure of exactly what they are ordering. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture Number) identifies different items, however, when this information is missing, a supplier with knowledgeable people can help the customer find the right item. Trained specialists can help you find the information they are looking for.

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